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The first trimester: Weeks 0-13

It’s a very exciting time! You are pregnant…. and huddled over the toilet, willing yourself not to revisit your breakfast. The first trimester of pregnancy is tough. The fetus and uterus are only about the size of a plum, but they can cause major drama. Your body is going through some crazy hormonal changes, you

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Your dentist vs your gynecologist: Myths dispelled and terms explained

Who makes you the most uncomfortable! I was sitting in my dentist’s chair, getting my teeth cleaned, and thinking Is dentistry like what I do every day? I mean my workplace is not the mouth, but the necessary evil theme applies. Like in gynecology, if you don’t to see your dentist at regular intervals, you will find yourself

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“I went to an Indian wedding…they smeared yellow paste on the bride…” The Health Benefits of Turmeric

One of my favorite traditions in a Hindu wedding is when we get to smear our betrothed family member with this yellow paste “haldi (turmeric)”. During a recent wedding, it was fun and lighthearted, and one of the few times my older male cousins and brother couldn’t retaliate. Now, as a physician I have learned

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