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You’ve Been Asking For A Birth Plan. I have the secret to the best birth plan ever!

Birth plans are all the rage in pregnancy in the last five to seven years. Every app, every mommy website, every natural birth instructional anything contains mention of and often a template for a birth plan. In this post I will answer the following questions: What is a birth plan? What are some common misconceptions between doctor and patient?  What

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Bringing Your Teen To The Gynecologist: When to do it and what to expect

One question I often am asked is “Doc, when should I start bringing in my teenaged daughter?” The mother continues, She is fifteen. I’m SURE that she isn’t sexually active but she can be quite a pill during her period. My answer: Yes. Bring her in. There is no age cut off for most gynecologists (the youngest patient I have

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Deodorant: To stink or not to stink. Five things you should know about deodorant as a woman.

Deodorant is a regular use item, or at least it should be (in my opinion.) If you are natural, that’s great, but natural smell is often synonymous with straight up funk! So we learn as we approach puberty, or maybe even before, that every shower should be accompanied by a deodorant or antiperspirant of some sort. If not, you can

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Early Pregnancy Test Is Positive: Do’s and Don’ts from the Doctors

It’s your first trimester. Let the takeover begin! Dos and Don’ts in pregnancy Practicing as an OB/Gyn I’ve come to realize almost everyone is afraid of pregnant women. Other medical specialties don’t want to take care of them, employers are afraid of imminent labor during working hours, husbands don’t want to upset them, generally a population surrounded by this shield

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So Birth Control Causes Breast Cancer? There’s more to this story…

In December 2017, the New England Journal of Medicine released this statement: “Women who use hormonal [contraceptives] for more than a year are at a 20 percent higher risk for breast cancer, [though] the overall risk remains low,” and is called “safe and effective.” What in the world is that supposed to mean, Doc? Is it safe? Or are my

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sHe’s Gotta Have It #NotMeToo

I have at present gotten through one episode of the Netflix, Spike Lee Joint, She’s Gotta Have It. Spike Lee is an interesting man. His delivery of messages and points are very in-your-face. Subtle innuendos are not his strong suit. To each his own, I guess. To each HIS OWN. via GIPHY Hmm, that is an interesting statement in light

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How Do I Know If I Have Fibroids? Diagnosis and Treatment explained

These little fibrous balls of excess are the cause of more ultrasound conversations about incidental findings than anything else in my practice. Women with no symptoms but an enlarged uterus noted on exam, or pressure and/or heavy bleeding, are the all too common recipients of this diagnosis. This one is near and dear to my own heart because my own

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Breast Cancer Screening: How to reduce your chances of missing the diagnosis

Monthly self-breast exams are still my recommendation. The literature and guidelines vary on this issue, but I seek to highlight risks and benefits of self-examination as well as discuss some lifestyle practices that can minimize disease occurrence. In this post you will read about the following topics: What does the evidence say about self-breast exams and what are cancer detection

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