What Every Woman Over 35 Should Know About Pregnancy, Including Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle dazzled the world as she became the first American Royalty.

No, really. She is the first American, let alone African-American to become legit royalty. (Ohh I hope she starts a hashtag or makes some bumper stickers with her face that say #legitroyalty).

But this post isn’t about that. It is about when we will see some little Markel-ettes running around the castle, or wherever they live. Meghan Markle is 36 years old at the time of this post. She’ll be 37 in August. Those eggs aren’t getting any younger.


Alright, Meghan. I’ll cut right to the chase.

Your fertility is declining rapidly.

You can still get pregnant spontaneously and have a very happy, healthy baby, but your fertility between now and a year from now is going to fall faster than it did from last year until now. If you want to slip in two or three little Harry’s or Meghan-ettes, you are gonna have to get it crackin’ soon!


First, get off of birth control if you were one it.

Second, download a free period tracker and plug in the first day of your period every month. The tracker should tell you about a 3-4 day window when you are ovulating. Try to get busy at least every other day while the tracker says that you are ovulating. I prefer free trackers over ones that attach to fit-bit like devices or urine-using ovulation predictors because those often add to the stress of trying to conceive, which is not good for fertility.


I just know, Meghan. Trust me.

Third, give yourself 6 months to try to conceive on your own. If you were under 35, I’d say give yourself a whole year, but at your age, you don’t want to lose too much time if assistance is necessary. You also don’t want to prematurely seek assistance from fertility specialists because, as I said, stress is often part of that result which is not good for you, your partner, or your fertility,


Fourth, if your periods are very irregular, see your doctor right away. Evaluation may be necessary to see if your thyroid or other hormones are normal.

Also, if Prince Harry has any erectile or ejaculatory dysfunction, high blood pressure, diabetes or any other medical problems, have him see his doctor sooner than later. Also, show him this post from The Doc’s Kitchen about making sure his sperm quality is in tip top shape.


Once you’re pregnant, check out this post on my women’s health blog about navigating pregnancy at something called “Advanced Maternal Age.” Subtle nuances will help keep you and your unborn royal baby safe.

Lastly, if you aren’t ready, don’t let anyone pressure you to do anything…


Well, good.

BUT GIVE US SOME ROYAL BABIES, PLEEEAAASSSSS, Meghan and Harry. (But no pressure.)

This post was originally posted by my alter ego on my new site dearmypeople.com. Head over and check out what we’re doing over there. It’s super fun!

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