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Sink or Swim: Don’t Let This Tragic Water Accident Happen To You

I can swim. So how did I almost drown? You can’t afford to not read this post before heading out on vacation.

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A Rose By Any Other Name… What else can we call the Vagina this Independence Day?

I had the awesome fortune to meet Luvvie Ajaji and Franchesca Ramsey recently. I was at a book signing event for Franchesca Ramsey’s new book, Well, That Escalated Quickly. It was such an amazing time because, within the event, Luvvie interviewed Franchesca. They talked about the book and Franchesca’s journey as an “accidental activist.” I highly recommend her book, by

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Meghan Markle and The Royal Geriatric Pregnancy

Meghan Markle dazzled the world as she became the first American Royalty. No, really. She is the first American, let alone African-American to become legit royalty. (Ohh I hope she starts a hashtag or makes some bumper stickers with her face that say #legitroyalty). But this post isn’t about that. It is about when we will see some little Markel-ettes

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Bringing Your Teen To The Gynecologist: When to do it and what to expect

One question I often am asked is “Doc, when should I start bringing in my teenaged daughter?” The mother continues, She is fifteen. I’m SURE that she isn’t sexually active but she can be quite a pill during her period. My answer: Yes. Bring her in. There is no age cut off for most gynecologists (the youngest patient I have

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Five Reasons That You Should Read What This Gynecologist Has To Say

How many gynecologists do you know? One? Maybe two? Do they have a blog? My guess is probably not. I am a gynecologist and I started my blog, The Gyneco-(b)Logic over a year ago. I started it because I felt that I was being asked the same questions frequently. While it doesn’t bother me to answer the same questions, I

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