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Are My Labia Too Long? Let’s Compare

I’ll bet you’ve never uttered those words out loud at a party. As a gynecologist though, it is a question that I hear frequently. Doc, do they look normal down there? Of all of the body parts that people can be self-conscious about, the vaginal labia are definitely one. Patients ask me if they are even on both sides, if

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The Chicago Lighthouse: Helping the Visually Impaired through Art

Lighthouses on Michigan Avenue? Consider this Reason 1,452 that I am proud to be a Chicagoan. #MagMileLighthouses are an immense display of 51 six-foot lighthouse sculptures, created by national and local Chicago artists, many with disabilities. From [This is a] free public art display celebrating the call to action of access and inclusion for people with disabilities.  This will take place

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A Rose By Any Other Name… What else can we call the Vagina this Independence Day?

I had the awesome fortune to meet Luvvie Ajaji and Franchesca Ramsey recently. I was at a book signing event for Franchesca Ramsey’s new book, Well, That Escalated Quickly. It was such an amazing time because, within the event, Luvvie interviewed Franchesca. They talked about the book and Franchesca’s journey as an “accidental activist.” I highly recommend her book, by

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I Didn’t Know WHAT This Was. Be on guard to keep your family safe!

It all started one day when my husband burned the black beans. Despite his awesome chef skills, he had walked away from the stove top and the bottom of the pot burned. The dense smell wafted through the house quickly, making even our youngest child belt out a “What is that smell?!” I opened the window in the hall, but

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How Often Do I Need A Pap? The answer may surprise you.

This question is one that has been confusing ladies for the last decade. Doc, do I need a Pap Smear (or test) every year or not? For years, even decades, it was the expected routine health maintenance to have Pap tests every year. Health maintenance was as follows: Pap every year, dental cleaning every six months, oil change every 3000

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Doc, Make Vaginal Discharge Clear: When is it normal?

Vaginal discharge. Even though the words illicit a little laugh, an embarrassed look away, and even cause the listener to squirm, it is an ever present issue and normal physiologic thing women deal with. Often I hear women say “I just couldn’t tell if this was normal so I figured I’d take the time off work, and pay the co-pay

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