How Do I Skip My Period? Here are 3 gynecologist-approved ways…

Hey ladies. Long time no talk to. Did you miss me? You may not have missed me, but I’ll bet you want to miss or skip your period while you are on the beach, at the pool or wherever you are about to be on vacation this summer.

And you want to skip your period intentionally. No surprises. Enough said.

Well, I have 3 ways that won’t make you sick or unhealthy, but that will hopefully let you leave the tampons at home. (Pack them anyway, though, just in case.) Don’t forget, these are general recommendations that are not specific for YOU. See your doctor to discuss which method is right for you.


1. Skip your placebo pills.

When a woman is on the pill, there are often anywhere between 2 and 7 pills that have no hormones in them. During the days when those pills are taken, your period will often come. If you skip those pills and go straight into the next pill pack, you have a very strong chance of not having a period.

2. Get a levonorgestrel-containing IUD.

Now, to be fair, most women who get an IUD go through an adjustment period of up to a few months when irregular bleeding or spotting become the norm. Once your body adjusts, however, many women have shorter, lighter, and sometimes absent periods. Take home point: If you try this method of period skipping, give yourself many months to adjust before the big trip.

3. If you don’t want to skip your period, but you are on the pill, take the placebo pills early.

For example, if you are travelling in the first week of August, and here we are in June, count out what week of your pill pack you’ll be on in August. If it will be your “period week”, stop this month’s pills a week early. OBVIOUSLY, use back up contraception with any birth control manipulation… or any way. (Check out one of my many posts on STI prevention.) Then restart your new pill pack a week earlier than you would have had you not stopped your pills. You just moved your period a week. Do this at least 2 months prior to travel, just to give your body a chance to adjust.


I know what some of you must be thinking:

“Doc, is there any way to skip my period without using birth control?”

Well, you can do one of three things. 1. Don’t seekĀ treatment for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). 2. Exercise so intensely or lose so much weight that your body shuts down your brain’s hypothalamus. 3. Get pregnant. The first two options are pretty harmful to your health. The third option could be amazing if that is what you want. If not…

If birth control or pregnancy is not your look, then either be prepared with your Diva Cup, tampon, pad, or any combination therein. Above all be safe during your travels. Remember, there are sharks in the ocean. (Just Kidding.)

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Ask your doctor if birth control is right for you.

That’s right, Amy! Tell ’em.

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