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Doc, Make Vaginal Discharge Clear: When is it normal?

Vaginal discharge. Even though the words illicit a little laugh, an embarrassed look away, and even cause the listener to squirm, it is an ever present issue and normal physiologic thing women deal with. Often I hear women say “I just couldn’t tell if this was normal so I figured I’d take the time off work, and pay the co-pay

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Bringing Your Teen To The Gynecologist: When to do it and what to expect

One question I often am asked is “Doc, when should I start bringing in my teenaged daughter?” The mother continues, She is fifteen. I’m SURE that she isn’t sexually active but she can be quite a pill during her period. My answer: Yes. Bring her in. There is no age cut off for most gynecologists (the youngest patient I have

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Early Pregnancy Test Is Positive: Do’s and Don’ts from the Doctors

It’s your first trimester. Let the takeover begin! Dos and Don’ts in pregnancy Practicing as an OB/Gyn I’ve come to realize almost everyone is afraid of pregnant women. Other medical specialties don’t want to take care of them, employers are afraid of imminent labor during working hours, husbands don’t want to upset them, generally a population surrounded by this shield

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Birth control can improve your life! Here are 5 ways

With all the controversy surrounding birth control these days, especially thanks to the extremely old school and right wing leaders in politics, I thought it would be a good idea to review some of the non-contraceptive benefits of birth control, and why it is important to be aware of these benefits when visiting your gynecologist. For a review on the types of birth control, take

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Is it hot in here? Or is it just me…… The Menopausal Diaries

Menopause. It basically just sucks. Except for finally being able to stop family planning or wondering if that missed period is a “happy accident” or just from stress, there is not too much that is pleasant about having to go through a physical, emotional, and hormonal (abrupt) change on nature’s clock. One thing I often hear is “I just figured

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Night, Fam: 5 Things You Need To Know To Get Better Sleep

Sleep. In my life, she has been the ever illusive, hard to get mistress. Even in high school I remember staying up to read because I couldn’t sleep, trying different sleep patterns and routines to find one that worked for me, changing out mattresses and pillows to optimize comfort and support. It’s been a long journey. I thought maybe residency

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Compartments: A daily task while wearing the white coat.

While Dr. McDonald has been spending her free time catching up on the latest season of Insecure, I have been indulging in another show. Being Mary Jane. Although I like the show for many reasons (minority representation, women in powerful male dominated roles, the fashion (obvs)) one scene really resonated with me today. Gabrielle Union’s character, MJ, has a particularly

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The Truth about Douching, Boric Acid, and D-Mannose

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I still remember my third day as an attending. It was the first time I had more than 2 people on my schedule. I also remember that a significant number of these women were add on patients for vaginal discharge. Throughout the last few years, complaints of vaginal itching, irritation, discharge, discomfort, burning, etc etc etc, has become a mainstay

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Gynecologic Cancer Symptoms: Is this normal? Or is WebMD right??

It is very common to be fearful that any new or different symptom we experience is cancer. Because female organs tend not to be discussed or highlighted as often, I wanted to review some of the common signs or symptoms that can be associated with gynecologic cancers. This is by no means an inclusive list, and it is always important

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