Colloquial-Logic Archives

As a healthcare professional, mother, and woman in my thirties, knowing all of the latest colloquialisms is a joke. When I hear a new term or phrase, I will attempt to break down it’s meaning in logical terms. That’s colloquial-logic!

8.2017-  “Low-key” I love to both use and practice this one. Low-key is when you have a point to make, but instead of getting all wild about it, you calmly present your arguments, almost confusing the other person with your subtlety. “Did my doctor low-key just tell me to exercise more by mentioning my weight gain from last year?” ….yes. yes I did.

5.2017- “Jonesing” Throwback -ism. To want, crave, or desire something intensely, and its noun form, ‘joneser,’ a person who wants or craves something intensely.The Oxford Dictionary associates this word’s slang usage with Jones Alley in Manhattan, a haven for drug addicts in the 1960s. I am currently Jonesing for a Prince Album.

3.2017- I’m Dead:  Depending on the context, this can be a strong positive or negative reaction to a certain event. The person saying it is so overwhelmed, they can’t even articulate their feelings.   i.e. “Did you see Lady Gaga’s Superbowl performance? She is sooo hot right now, I’m dead” As a physician, I try to avoid saying anything is dead while at work….

2.2017- Dabbing: From radio personality Charlamagne tha God “If you sneeze into the inside of your elbow the way you supposed to then you been dabbing.” Who knew this dance move came into existence in 2015. Maybe by 2019, The Gyneco-bLogic will have a household dance. What would that look like? A different kind of dabbing maybe?

1.2017- They Got Bars: Referencing a person who can “spit rhymes” or rap in an improvisational fashion. They can freestyle well. Example: Shia LeBeouf had bars when he rapped on Sway in the Morning. (In my house, it’s usually Granola Bars.)

12.2016- Basic. According to Urban Dictionary it is “Used to describe someone devoid of defining characteristics that might make a person interesting, extraordinary, or just simply worth devoting time or attention to.” My friend’s boyfriend is so basic. He never has anything to talk about.

11.2016 – To be “Woke” is to be aware of what’s happening in the community. “I consider myself woke when it comes to the latest underground music”.