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Potty Break: When And How Do You Potty Train A Toddler?

As a mother of three, the last of my brood being a 2-year-old girl, I am currently deep in the trenches of potty training. I’m winning, though. Anytime we can take diapers and wipes off of the shopping list, we are all winning. I have a few tricks that I have learned along the way, and pitfalls to avoid as

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Dr. Wendy’s Personal Laser Journey with SculpSure

If you asked me about the laser body sculpting device, SculpSure, that we have in my office, then you have heard me tell the story that I was the first one on the machine. I was the first to be strapped in as my co-workers looked at me waiting to see if I would combust. It was kind of funny actually.

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Compartments: A daily task while wearing the white coat.

While Dr. McDonald has been spending her free time catching up on the latest season of Insecure, I have been indulging in another show. Being Mary Jane. Although I like the show for many reasons (minority representation, women in powerful male dominated roles, the fashion (obvs)) one scene really resonated with me today. Gabrielle Union’s character, MJ, has a particularly

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Speculum Sizes: “One Size Does Not Fit All,” Says Your Friendly Neighborhood Gynecologist

What Is Dr. McDonald Holding With That Glove. A speculum

I feel like Clarke Kent in this opening pic. On our Facebook page I recently shared a post about what percentage of women do not see their gynecologist every year. The startling number out of 1000 women was over 300. For some, the reason is misinformation about how often one should go to the gynecologist. Annual check ups are still

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United We Stand?

Statue of Liberty Air Plane United We Stand

Living in our social media driven, information at our fingertips society, I find it easy to get desensitized to the things, often atrocious, that jump across my cell phone’s surface. Last night though, I got enraged. To recap, a flight was oversold, one of the men who was chosen to deplane didn’t, and subsequently, a dispute involving the Chicago Aviation

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Beauty and the Beast: Real life applications

Beauty and the beast, original and recent

If you are in a relationship or not, you can benefit from this short post. The movie is in theaters as of today. I remember watching the original Disney version as a child. Belle was kind of a jerk at first to this misunderstood gentle giant, but ultimately he won her heart and they lived happily ever after. Why, pray

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Let’s Just Split The Bill: Reflections on being a woman today.

It happens often. I’m having a great meal at a nice restaurant with some friends. We all order what we like and have some drinks. The check comes, placed politely face down on the table by the waiter who is likely ending his shift and just wants to close his register out. And inevitably, the person who ordered the rare

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