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Pronounced gahy-ni-ko-bloj-ik

We are board certified OBGYNs whose mission is to educate and empower women to make healthy choices. Women’s health is a lifestyle. We created this bLog to cover a variety of topics including pregnancy, vaginal itching or discharge, cancer, abnormal paps, and the list goes on…  Laughing about vaginas from time to time is bonus!

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Health and life are intimately connected. The Gyneco-bLogic is here for your edu-tainment. Click here to learn more about who we are.



9 out of 10 adults lack the health knowledge needed to manage health and prevent disease.

Women’s health is particularly complicated. Research from the Center for Sexual Health Promotion at Indiana University revealed only 26 percent of women look closely at their vaginas.

Here we break down commonly misunderstood health topics in familiar terms. Then you don’t have to rely on your Google-infused best-friend for understanding.



We write about platonic relationships, life topics, spiritual growth and successful romance. Social-Logic encompasses a broad range of topics.

Our own experiences, and years of caring for women in all walks of life have given us pearls that will improve your knowledge of this world and relationships with others.

This segment promises to teach you something new and keep you guessing on what we’ll tackle next.


Natural Products and Commercial Products Featured

Home remedies and daily uses for products that are found in nature are examined in these posts. These products are wonderful and generally serve the purpose intended in a natural and safe way.

We shop a lot. Reviews guide our selections, so why not provide some. When we find products that are liked by many, we share. Leave a comment about a product that you would like to see featured.



Health websites can sometimes be so technical that they go over your head, or are informal and understandable, but inaccurate.

The Gyneco-bLogic is different from other health websites in that we provide accurate and trustworthy health information in a form that can be digested. The health information provided is based on evidence and research that we can stand behind.

Get ready to navigate life as seen through our eyes here at The Gyneco-bLogic.

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