Why Logic?


Our Logo: Help me and let me help you

Merriam-Webster defines logic as: a proper or reasonable way of thinking about or understanding something. How often is the driving force for making a doctors appointment a lack of understanding about something going on in our bodies. Lets face it, if a person knew and understood everything about their health, they may not need doctors.

The Gyneco-bLogic is not meant to replace the experience and knowledge of physicians. We are physicians. Our livelihood depends on being able to help women navigate safely through the health challenges of life. There are basic health principles, however, that can help women, and men, be as healthy as possible without needing a million apps, notes, and personal assistants. If we employ logic, we can make lifelong changes that we’ll never forget.

Our logic transcends physical health. Between our own experiences and a compilation of de-identified experiences shared by our clients over the years, we have recognized behavioral patterns and characteristics that are vital to healthy relationships. These pearls will enlighten and strengthen relationships with friends, parents, spouses and children. We’re like those wise beauticians who actually give good advice at the salon.

Why did we change our name from The Gyneco-Logic? I’m glad you asked. As much as we loved the original name, Google didn’t. We were a needle in a haystack, a diamond in the rough. The name, despite the hyphen, was unable to be found in the sea of every other website in the world with gynecologic in the title. Since it is a blog, and The Gyneco-bLogic is so much more unique, the desire to let our light shine allowed us to change the name. Clever? Witty? Maybe. Search engine optimized? Absolutely. Welcome to our new home and brand. We hope you like it.

Disclaimer: This website is not meant to replace the relationship you may have with your physician, nor is it meant to be an online consultation service. Please read, absorb and process the information and use it as a sounding board to start the discussion with your healthcare provider. If you are in the Chicago-land area and need a new provider, we would love to see you in the office for a visit. Please visit the contact page to find us.