This OBGYN’s Favorite Natural Vaginal Moisturizer is…

The other day, a patient and I were chatting and she hit me with “I have one more question.” Now, usually that phrase comes before something that the person is super embarrassed to ask. I usually respond with,

“Go for it. There is no such thing as TMI with a gynecologist.”

Because there isn’t. Or at least there shouldn’t be.

To my surprise, this one was a lightweight. She asked,

“Is it okay if, when I feel a little dry down there, I use a little coconut oil to moisturize?”

I happily exclaimed, “Absolutely. I love coconut oil for vulvar moisture. It’s one of my favorite things.” She was so surprised and relieved that I jotted down the topic to share here.

Coconut oil is not only an excellent moisturizer with skin conditioning qualities, but it also has anti-fungal properties for those who may be prone to skin irritation and yeast infections. I do not specifically recommend using coconut oil to treat yeast infections, but I don’t discourage it either.

I also like Coconut Oil as a Body Moisturizer

Coconut oil is a mild but effective moisturizer for even the most sensitive of skin. I use it on myself and my infant because I don’t have to worry about unhealthy additions (like parabens) found in many lotions.

It contains antioxidants which help keep skin healthy. Don’t look for it to keep you glossy all day, it absorbs well into the skin for real hydration. If your degree of ash is profound, you may need repeated applications.

Coconut Oil as Hair Oil

Hair Oil: The same qualities that make coconut oil great for skin, also make it great for hair. This oil is a non-greasy moisturizer that will penetrate your tresses without breaking the bank.

Coconut Oil to Prevent Diaper Rash

I kept a jar of coconut oil on my changing table for the my last two children. Not only did it make stool and meconium easier to wipe away, it seemed to reduce the amount and frequency of diaper rash that I dealt with before I started using it.

All in all, I’m a fan. My only precautions is Don’t Double Dip. Keep your vulvar use coconut oil clean and separate for oil used for anything else. Listen, you may think that’s obvious, but I’m a gynecologist. I take NOTHING for granted.

I prefer extra-virgin coconut oil. In it’s natural state, it is white and thick at room temperature and becomes clear and, well, oily when heated up, even in your hands. I love the subtle coconut aroma. Try it and leave a comment about your thoughts!

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For more trusted and interesting information about the health implications of consuming coconut oil, check out Harvard Health Publications,

For other sources about the antifungal properties of Coconut Oil:

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