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The Chicago Lighthouse: Helping the Visually Impaired through Art

Lighthouses on Michigan Avenue?

Consider this Reason 1,452 that I am proud to be a Chicagoan. #MagMileLighthouses are an immense display of 51 six-foot lighthouse sculptures, created by national and local Chicago artists, many with disabilities. From

[This is a] free public art display celebrating the call to action of access and inclusion for people with disabilities.  This will take place along Chicago’s famed North Michigan Avenue from June 19 through August 11. Sponsored by The Chicago Lighthouse in partnership with Huber Financial Advisors, LLC, and other visionary businesses and individuals, including The Magnificent Mile® Association.

What Is The Chicago Lighthouse?

sign mag mile.jpgThe Chicago Lighthouse serves the blind, visually impaired, disabled and Veteran communities with comprehensive vision care and support services. The Lighthouse offers 39 unique programs and services that help clients optimize remaining vision, meet developmental and educational milestones, find employment and lead more independent lives.

What is the purpose of the Lighthouse art on the Magnificant Mile?

The purpose of the Mag Mile Lighthouses is to remind us all that people with disabilities can do just about anything if given a chance and they make some of the most productive and competent employees around. People with disabilities are a talented, reliable and productive component of the workforce who way too often are untapped.

Do you want to see more of the art? Click here.

media copyright of Othervertical, Inc.

Lauren Feece

What will happen to the Lighthouses when the exhibit ends?

The sculptures were created by talented national and local artists, many with disabilities. After the display ends on August 11, sponsors will have an opportunity to purchase the lighthouses.  They will also be bid on an online auction.  Proceeds from the sales will support the 39 Lighthouse programs serving people who are blind, visually impaired, disabled and Veterans.

mag mile.jpgThe Magnificent Mile encompasses the 13-block stretch of North Michigan Avenue that runs from the banks of the Chicago River to the south, to Oak Street to the north. The Magnificent Mile district extends a full square mile from North Michigan Avenue, including east to the scenic lakefront.

How can I support?

Consider supporting these programs and feast your eyes on the amazing art in the heart of downtown Chicago. I know I will.

To learn more and to show support, click the image below.


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