If These Lips Could Talk Episode 1: Diagnosing and Managing Infertility

Dr. Shelly Agarwal and Dr. Wendy Goodall McDonald, aka Dr. Every Woman, are two gynecologists and founders of The Gyneco-bLogic (

They talk about women’s health and make complicated topics clear. This first episode is dedicated to April, which houses Infertility Awareness Week. Follow us here and on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

The audio is also available as a podcast on iTunes entitled The Gyn Project.

Categories: Bio-Logic, OB, Podcast

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  1. I’ve never laughed so hard & learned so much at the same time! I love the down-to-earth way in which you guys explain things, this was very informative. Thanks Doctors! 😊

    Best Regards,
    Nafeesah (Patient of Dr. Wendy ❤️)


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