Every single person needs to do THIS for their SKIN this summer, and all year long

I was recently speaking with a dermatologist and this subject came up:

What anti-aging things can women do to keep their skin looking youthful?

The person asking had used Retin-A in the past and had experienced hyperpigmentation as a result. She was interested in what she could do that would not have this side effect.

What the dermatologist shared was clear and straight forward and served as a reminder for everyone in the room.

She told the woman that she needs to wear sunscreen.

And not just when laying on the beach. Not just when walking outside for long periods of time. Every day, all year long.

But what about Vitamin D from the sun?

Most of us, especially in the Midwest are Vitamin D deficient. We can improve and correct this with Vitamin D fortified foods and supplements. Vitamin D that we acquire from the sun isn’t worth the damage that the sun can do to our skin, in her dermatologic opinion.

Which SPF is best?

At least SPF 30. Many make-up products contain SPF 15. That is not enough. I personally use Mary Kay daily moisturizer with SPF 30. My skin is loving it.

The dermatologist who was giving all of this awesome advice was Dr. Onajin at the University of Chicago. Click here to be taking to her professional profile.

She also mentioned that there is a website where people can fine a dermatologist with experience with skin of color. It is called the Skin Of Color Society. Click here or the pic below to be taken to the website and find a provider.

Regardless or your age, your gender, or your skin color, do yourself a favor and get some sunscreen for use everyday. I know I do. Stay beautiful and as always, thank you for reading, following and supporting The Gyneco-bLogic.

And, for more information about how to choose safer skin and haircare products, check out this post.

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