Why Am I Growing Hair On My Chin? And how do I stop it?


Okay, so this lady has a problem. Does she have what you have, though? Will your chin turn into this if you don’t break out your tweezers? Dr. Google strikes again. I typed in the following words:

Hair On Chin

And this is the first article that my search engine optimized…

6 things that hair on your chin could mean - Google Chrome 9_3_2018 9_20_21 AM (2)

My problem is this: It sounds so scary! “And why you should never ignore it” seems like my little whiskers are going to take me out. My tweezers are in my bathroom drawer for a reason. That reason is not to mask some unforeseen force that is trying to compromise my health.

Is chin hair ever a sign of something harmful?

Possibly. But in most cases, it isn’t. So how do you know if you are experiencing hair growth that is concerning for your health? Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is the hair located in places that it has never been before? Are you newly growing chin hair? Chest hair? Hair around your navel where it has never been before?
  2. Is the hair course? Fine hair that you can only feel or see in the sunlight is a different type of hair caused by a different health state than the dark, thick hair that is noticeable without squinting and turning your head to the side.


3. Have you also been experiencing irregular periods and unexplained weight gain in addition to increased course hair growth? This combination can signify a hormonal imbalance.

What are the worrisome diagnoses?

Well, the ones that you can sometimes have an effect on are PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome, and medication side effects. I’m not talking about birth control either. Birth control can sometimes improve hair growth and acne by regulating hormones. Adrenal tumors and other hormonal tumors can also change the hair growth pattern, but these diagnoses are rare.

Genetics often plays a big role. Your mama might have tweezers that she has been using for years and just never volunteered the information to you. Also, weight gain can change your hormones and increase hair growth without you having PCOS. Either way, seeing your doctor can help shed light on the situation.

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I hope this post helped bring understanding to why your faithful few chin hairs keep coming back. If you have more than a faithful few or suspect other causes, it is never wrong to see your doc.

My hope is that Dr. Google doesn’t give you more anxiety than understanding. Make sure you subscribe to The Gyneco-blogic today. We’re trying to replace the scary with the probable, while still leaving room for you to investigate your particular situation. Tell us how we’re doing in the comments and on social!

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