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Welcome To Blog Blast: The Doc’s Kitchen

I am proud to see that in a little over a year, The Gyneco-(b)Logic has blossomed into what hopes to one day be “a thing.” Very few places on the web house health information that is BOTH accurate and fun to read.

Face it, blogs are either one or the other. red-hands-woman-creative.jpg

Fun and entertaining but full of fun-loving malarkey, or technically accurate but dry and depressing to read. When was the last time you read a medical journal for fun? But there is plenty of goop around to captivate interest. BTW, I intentionally did not tag or capitalize goop because I don’t need Gwyneth or her cronies looking for me. If you know her, keep this to yourself.

Anywho, I want to highlight blogs and podcasts that I find entertaining.

Why do YOU care what blogs I like?

If you know any doctors, you know that we have an intrinsic critical nature when it comes to health information. That means if I decided to watch a hospital based TV show or movie, I am going to flip over my dinner plate in anger and frustration before the episode is over if it has silly stuff in it. Don’t show me the same doctor in the ER delivering a baby and then performing an emergency heart operation on the newborn in the ER closet. It pisses doctors off.pexels-photo-905874.jpeg

This criticism will work in your favor though. If I like a podcast, a blog or something like that, you can imply that the information contained within isn’t medical malarkey. It is either accurate and evidence based, or not medical at all and just fun. I love a good laugh.

The first featured blog is that of my beloved husband. I know, I know. Nepotism is alive and well. The truth is, I really appreciate his writing style and his focus on evidence. He brings the real science of nutrition, digestion, and dietary health to you in a very captivating way. Did you know they don’t have colon cancer in Wakanda? Do you know what home remedies actually work for the common cold? Well, check out the blog and you will find these answers and a whole lot more.

If you want me to check out your blog for a review,

tag me @dreverywoman or The Gyneco-(b)Logic on your social media. I won’t post bad reviews but if I don’t like your blog, I’ll take it back to our childhood, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” If I like it though, look forward to a Blog Blast feature!

Thanks so much for your support. Please share this or any post that you like and follow our social media!


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