Five Reasons That You Should Read What This Gynecologist Has To Say

How many gynecologists do you know? One? Maybe two?

Do they have a blog? My guess is probably not. I am a gynecologist and I started my blog, The Gyneco-(b)Logic over a year ago. I started it because I felt that I was being asked the same questions frequently. While it doesn’t bother me to answer the same questions, I felt that my reach could be farther than my day-to-day patient schedule.

When was the last time someone shared a Facebook post entitled: That Itch You Cannot Scratch: Causes and Treatments of Vaginal Itching?

First of all, posts like this are rarely shared for obvious reasons. If your friend shared that on their feed, would you side-eye them forever? Don’t lie, you know you would. This is especially relevant as I have noticed more “health” information is being shared on social media. This is probably in part due to barrier in obtaining healthcare by physicians.

So how do you get your health information? Either you go to the gynecologist or general doctor yourself, at least once per year I would hope, and spend 15-20 minutes max asking your doctor questions while he or she tries her hardest to take care of your basic needs and still see enough patients to pay the bills. The rest comes from Dr. Google, Dr. Facebook, Dr. Instagram and Dr. Pinterest. Btw, none of them are doctors, especially Dr. Google.

Enter me, Dr. Wendy aka Dr. Every Woman, your friendly neighborhood gynecologist.

I am trying to provide a space where legitimate, evidence and real science based information can be shared without you having to wonder if the person with such skill in writing has any actual health knowledge or credentials. Most of all, I want to be a trustworthy alternative to the goop that drips through the internet.

Will you love everything that I write? Maybe, maybe not.

Will I always write information that you want to hear? Like how to cure cancer with a special toothpick made of ancient wood from the anti-cancer forest? No, there is no such place.

Will I share holistic health information and remedies that actually work?

YES. Absolutely! And I will share health information based on science and medicine, both ancient and modern. I will mix in the two, but one thing is for sure, I will not tell you lies or bait you into buying things or reading things without evidence or legitimate truth. Not this gynecologist. Click here to read an example of a remedy we examined, Turmeric.

Lastly, I will make you laugh. I make myself laugh constantly. I hope to bring some joy and knowledge to my people. Sign up below and I will make sure to never tell you health lies.

In conclusion, join this movement. You won’t regret it.

Oh wait, I was supposed to be giving you five reasons. Go back. I’m sure there are at least five in this post somewhere.

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