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Introducing Spiritual-Logic: What if God were one of us?

This is the moment where my holistic side brings a spiritual perspective to the women’s health community. I immediately think of the song from Austin Powers, but that catchy ditty is not what I am talking about. God, to me, is not just some celestial being that I pray to or reference in jest. I have developed a relationship with Him that is not perfect, but helps me day-to-day to live a better life. Want get more from your relationship with God? Read on…

My biological father growing up was strict but generous. He was that kind of dad that wouldn’t accept disrespect or disobedience of any kind, but also got us whatever we wanted and rewarded us generously for being “good kids”. With every report card, my brother and I looked forward to racking up. We were paid generously for every A, modestly for every B, and “goose egg” for anything C or less, which never happened (at least I don’t think it happened, I sometimes have selective memory). I liked money. I wouldn’t have even thought to ask my dad for money if I brought home anything other than a stellar report card. I wouldn’t have even wanted him to see it.

Dad and son, father and sonMany of us reference God as our Heavenly Father. My question for myself is, do I treat Him like my daddy down here on earth? When I pray for blessings and protection, am I asking for those things while ignoring what he has asked me to do? Imagine a teenager asking dad to borrow the car, but knowing that she hasn’t taken the trash out, washed the dishes, or done her homework. Would her dad cheerfully say, “Sure sweety, whatever you want.” Not Bill Goodall (my dad). But we ask God for whatever we want. We pray for money, things, relationships, etc, and meanwhile we curse people out who cut us off in traffic, we do any and everything sexually with people who we know shouldn’t, and we spend our money on things we don’t need while ignoring those in need. Don’t worry, I’m checking myself right now too, f.y.i.

My 1-year-old daughter likes candy. Don’t ask me how she got her first piece. I can only assume it was a well-intended gesture from one of her older brothers. I don’t give her candy, but she is a smart girl. She knows what it looks like. If my sons get a treat- a bag of Skittles, or a box of Mike and Ikes- she can spot it from a mile away. She reaches and yells for the colorful box, as though obviously entitled. She is selective with her understanding of the word “No,” but in the moment of rejection when she realizes I won’t give her candy, she increases both the volume and pitch of her yell. She then tries to pull me to the counter like she can coax me to lift her up to get the height needed to reach the candy. Does it make sense that I would help her do something that she knows I don’t want her to do? Why do we, then, ask and pray to God to help us get things that He does not want for us? Is He going to help me get the fancy car that I can’t afford that will put me in more unnecessary debt? Is He going to make your co-worker, who you should love like a brother, fail so that you to get a promotion, meanwhile while you are not working any harder to deserve it? Is He going to send you the mate of your dreams while you are in romantic relationships that He is not pleased with?

Believe what you want to, but my Heavenly Father is not a pushover who is going to give me whatever I want as long as my temper tantrum is loud or persistent enough. My earthly father wouldn’t even tolerate that foolishness. I consider myself a spiritual teenager. Teenagers think they know everything about everything, but don’t always make the best choices. The God who made this infinite universe (with new planets being discovered constantly) obviously knows more than me in every respect. I do not think that just because I have a plan, it must be right or acceptable in His eyes. I’ve walked that path and felt the repercussions of His disapproval. I read my Word and pray for guidance to make the right decisions. I want for myself what He wants for me, and I try my best to “behave myself” in hopes that He will be pleased. Good behavior doesn’t buy blessings, but “faith without works is dead.”

This post was not meant to be overly preachy (too late), but was meant to share a perspective. My perspective on many aspects of health and life helps me to navigate in a safer and more successful way. My spirituality is no different. I pray these words help you grow to a place where God can work on the inside of you and help you to realize His desires for your life’s path. I pray he continues to do the same for me. Be blessed!

Praying hands
Let the church say Amen

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  1. This post! So, so good. And exactly what I needed to read today. I’m going to pass it along to a few friends who I think will appreciate it as well. Hope you’re well!


  2. Thank you Dr. Wendy! While it maybe a post for women and women’s holistic health, this is a post for men as well. Thank you for sharing your insights on a delicate subject. Well done!


  3. I really enjoyed the reading which is blessed. We all need a wake up or should I say a spiritual prep talk every once in a while. Especially at a time such as this. Stay being a blessing to others. Sis. Sheila Johnson


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