Soacopia- This Natural Soap Is The Best

il_570xn-1075995704_nrdnMy nose runs me. Music and smells can make or break my mood. Having a hard day? I’ll put on my Michelle Williams Pandora and break out some amazing Soacopia hand cream, and suddenly all is right in the world. The fact that I grew up living in the same building as Geri Byrd, the Owner of Geri’s Botanicals and Soacopia, gives me the inside track to her latest products and play-daughter special discounts. Make no mistake, I would pay full price any day for these products.

I was put on to Soacopia in the second half of 2016, though Mrs. Geri has been doing what she does since before 2014. She sells regularly at Farmers markets as well as at the Federal Plaza and the Daley Plaza. I am proud to say that I now only use her soaps for myself and my kids because they are natural, they clean well, and they smell great. Here are my current favorites:


These Tins are so amazing. The moisture that comes from Mrs. Geri’s lotions lasts well past even a couple of hand washings. I wash my hands a lot so retaining moisture matters. This Ambered Sandalwood Fragrance is amazing. I also have the Mango Butter Lotion. When I recently put that one on at work, one of my employees said it smells like home. If a product evokes emotion, it’s a winner.

This Body Soap scented with Neroli and Lily of the Valley fragrance is insanity. I always thought that soap was supposed to dry your skin and leave you with a residue feeling that won’t go away until you peal it off. Goodbye soap stereotype. I feel clean, and comfortable and smell wonderful. My kids now open my glass shower door and say, “Ohh, your shower smells like you, mommy.” (In a good way.)

il_570xn-1106548428_mbsbI also love the Rose Geranium soap, and the Goat’s Milk, Oatmeal and Raw Honey soap for my kids. The Eucalyptus bar smells great and may have saved me from a few mosquito bites last season. Those little pests usually love me, but I was pretty unscathed last summer.

I have not tried all of the soaps and lotions but I have had enough to be in love. I even drank the Kool-Aid and bought her Pine soap dishes to help the soap dry well between uses. I have not received any form of compensation for this review/recommendation. Ms. Geri doesn’t even know that I am writing it. I just love her stuff and want to spread the word. Enjoy!

Update: Ms. Geri is taking an Etsy break. When she is back, I’ll update my links.

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  1. What a wonderful compliment from a hard working Doctor and mother of 3 young children. To receive a review such as this makes me smile from ear to ear.


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