I’m Psycho-Logic: Why Social-Logic Is What It Is

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If you know me at all, you know I have a lot to say. There was a day when I replaced the generic voicemail message of my cell phone with weekly updated “Why Is It” messages that made my callers think, and laugh about life.

My favorite voicemail in the past was a look at why the hand-written cardboard sign carried by the Chicago street-side homeless was genius because overhead was able to stay low by not reinvesting earnings into a new sign. A flashy Kinko’s homeless sign would be bad for business. I’m not about that homeless-humor life. I pray that all people have a warm place to lay their head at night. I just wish that my own business would flourish as my media presence became old, ripped a tattered.

I hope that the topics that we share will be both entertaining and relevant to daily life. Whether at work, with friends, or at home, these pearls will leave you dancing like C+C Music factory while singing “Things That Make You Go Hmmmm….”.


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Wendy Goodall McDonald M.D.

Dr. Wendy Goodall McDonald is a board certified OBGYN. She began practicing medicine in 2007 and now uses her extensive knowledge and growing following to increase health awareness in a fun and viral way. She is the founder of The Gyneco-blogic and an author of numerous books for adult and childhood health education and social growth. For more, check me, I mean her out at dreverywoman.com

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