The Gyneco-LOGIC

Welcome to the clean, quiet, home birth of The Gyneco-LOGIC, a space where women’s physical health meets emotional well-being.

I have been blessed with the privilege of caring for women in all stages of life. From discharge, to relationships, to rambunctious kids, I wield a speculum, a counseling ear and a writers pen.

The Gyneco-LOGIC is a place where a woman can learn more about her body and her emotions. You will be empowered to ask questions and make choices that will improve your WHOLE health. If we can laugh about our vaginas too, I call that a win-win.

From teenagers, to elderly, from healthcare professionals, to the average Joe-sephine, all women can benefit from the information shared on this site. I pray that your are informed and entertained as you surf the pages of The Gyneco-LOGIC. As said in one of my favorite movies, I Robot, my logic is undeniable.