Is it hot in here? Or is it just me…… The Menopausal Diaries

Menopause. It basically just sucks. Except for finally being able to stop family planning or wondering if that missed period is a “happy accident” or just from stress, there is not too much that is pleasant about having to go through a physical, emotional, and hormonal (abrupt) change on nature’s clock. One thing I often

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Night, Fam

Sleep. In my life, she has been the ever illusive, hard to get mistress. Even in high school I remember staying up to read because I couldn’t sleep, trying different sleep patterns and routines to find one that worked for me, changing out mattresses and pillows to optimize comfort and support. It’s been a long

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5 Reasons Why You Should See Your Gynecologist Every Year: Your Explanation of Benefits

Let’s jump right in, or even better, scoot right on down: Reason number one that you should see your Gyne every year… because! Okay, that’s not a reason. A real first reason is to review your personal history. You may not know what’s normal and what’s not. Many women don’t realize how many things happen

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Stop, The Love You Save May Be Your Own: Birth control and other options for preventing pregnancy until you’re ready

Beginning with fundamentals, the basic principle that must be dealt with first is Sex in Man + Woman = Egg + Sperm = Baby. I have to break down the basics because I often hear statements like this: “I only did it  once.” “We weren’t trying.” “How did this happen?” What’s more is that I

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