About Dr. Shelly Agarwal

Shelly Agarwal, M.D., is the Chief Creative Consultant and an author for The Gyneco-bLogic. She is a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist. Okay, first-person time. I grew up in Chicago where my parents settled down after moving here from India. I am a first generation American, a true Chicagoan, and someone that has deep roots in the Indian culture. Yes, I recommend turmeric and coconut oil for just about everything. If one doesn’t work, try the other one.

I went to Morgan Park Academy for the majority of my childhood life. It is a small school in the south suburbs of Chicago, most of the people there knew not only each other, but everyone’s families, pets, what cars their parents drove, etc. etc. I then hopped down I-55 to Saint Louis University for both college and medical school. I never became a Cards fan, but I did go to some games. There, I found my true passion in life, super thin crust pizza.

For residency I came back to my hometown and attended Rush University. This is where Dr McDonald and I had the good fortune of meeting. We have been through 16 weeks of Gyn Onc, a number of life changes, and now our adventurous journey through private practice.

I practice in the Southwest suburbs of Chicago. My life, and my work, is all about balance. I work in the suburbs, I live in the city. Some days I go to the gym and work it out, some days I order (the above mentioned) thin crust pizza. At work, I believe in both western and eastern medicine. Can we fix this problem with natural remedies? Or maybe we have exhausted that and it’s time for the medications.

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