Hold up, Molly! 5 Things you need to know before trying Molly (at Coachella or anywhere…)

#InsecureHBO lovers, listen up!

Episode 5 of Insecure Season 3 on HBO made waves. I’m going to limit the spoilers for those of you who still need to catch up #dobetter, but I’m still stuck on the part when Molly, Issa, Tiffany and Kelly were offered Molly before the concert.



The fastest-emerging drug problem in the United States is the synthetic drug market, which now includes Molly.

1. What is Molly?

According to the DEA:

Molly is the powder or crystal form of MDMA — or 3, 4-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine, a chemical drug most commonly known for its use in the pressed pill Ecstasy…

The DEA labels it a Schedule 1 controlled substance, considered to have a high potential for abuse and no accepted use in medical treatment, which means it’s illegal.

It is a drug that is used frequently at concerts and is growing rapidly in its availability and users. It’s also considered to be one of the safer drugs to cause euphoric highs because it is considered more “pure” and less strong than Ecstacy.

First-time users are often between the ages of 14 and 24. Some users are as young as 12.


2. What symptoms does Molly cause?

It makes you feel good. Check out these personal accounts (Not from me):

“It felt like everything was amplified. It felt euphoric — almost like a crazy adrenaline rush for a long time,”

“You feel a lot more loose and comfortable in your environment,” said recent Georgia high school graduate Jessica, who’d never used Molly until the concert in July — a friend’s recommendation convinced her to give Molly a try.

And then, usually after a few hours — depending on the dose that is taken — of dancing and moving and talking, the trip comes to an end.

“(After it was over), it wasn’t like a depression, but it was like, ‘Aw man, I wish I felt that way again,’ ” Jessica said.

“Honestly, if I were to pick a drug out of anything else to do, I would pick Molly. Molly has a lot to do with loud music and seeing lights — getting excited about seeing something that’s already cool and making it cooler.”

It sounds cool. So why not give it whirl the next time you hit up the next dope concert?

3. Why is Molly so dangerous?


For one, you have no idea what you are actually taking. While Molly is supposed to be MDMA, a hallucinogenic drug slightly weaker than Ecstacy, 1 gram of pure MDMA retails for over $100. Shady Joe, your Molly pusher, cuts it with whatever he can find that will still make you high for cheaper than that. One reporter wrote a story about the contents of 3 different Molly pills purchased for $10-20 each.

So, what was in the “Molly” they bought?

The first capsule, puchased in South Beach for $10, was tested by Gavins and gave a false postive as being MDMA, when it fact it was cathinone, i.e: bath salts.

The second capsule was also purchased and Miami, and cost $20. Howards tested this capsule and concluded it was mostly meth, with some MDMA.

The third capsule is purchased for an unspecified amount of money in New York, just after a Molly overdose claimed two young lives at Electric Zoo. This capsule has coke, meth, some MDMA and an opiate, which they believe to be an “oxycodone chaser.” An intrepid researcher (not the writers) consumes the Molly, and says it “felt like tripping on heroin.”

Okay, so the ish isn’t pure. Why do I care?

4. No really, why do I need to worry about taking Molly?


I’ll give you 3 GOOD reasons:

(1) It can lead to serious health complications like overheating (hyperthermia), seizures, heart abnormalities and extreme cases, death.

(2) Depending on the contents in your particular version of Molly, the risks of complications when mixing with alcohol or other drugs could be devastating.

(3) The low that comes immediately after the drug wears off is one thing, but an even greater low comes days after use that can lead to long-term depression.

From one drug enforcement agent:

The amount of active ingredients can be dangerously different, because “the dosing for these sorts of drugs are in the micrograms.”

“The room for error is tremendous, and we’ve seen a lot of deaths with some of these compounds.”

Also, Molly is on the spectrum of Crystal Meth, for those who will respond more to the judgment of being associated with such a rachet drug rather than just an unsafe one. According to one source, the strength of the drugs from weakest to strongest is as follows:

The chain from weakest to strongest methamphetamine is Adderall.. Crystal Meth.. Molly(MDMA).. Ecstasy. It really does blow my mind that so many people admit openly about doing Molly and ecstasy but are disgusted at the thought of doing meth when in fact it is a weaker version of what there doing.

Molly, your girls should have stopped you, rather than joining in on the okey-doke.


5. One more thing. Put on a condom, Issa!

I know this is unrelated to Molly and Molly, but as much as I love Insecure, if I see one more spontaneous sex scene without any reference or illusion to the use of a condom, I am going to scream!

I just care about your safety, and your lady parts, Issa.


Don’t you know the STD rates in this country are rising out of control? Oh, you don’t? Here, let me tell you a little bit about it.

I will leave you with these final thoughts:

Is seeing Beyonce not enough? What more do you need?

If the headliner at your concert isn’t dope enough to experience without a drug that could, at it’s best, cause you to hallucinate and pee on yourself, and at it’s worst send you to the Emergency Room with hyperthermia and heart problems and lead to a prolonged depression or DEATH, stay T. F. AT HOME! Don’t even go to the concert. If you need Molly, you don’t like the artist enough.

I just don’t need that kind of drama in my life. I’ll stay with my booze in moderation. Nothing more! Tell a friend and check out the post I wrote at the start of Insecure Season 2, last year. It got “Hella” love.

Now, are you gonna try Molly?


RIP Mac Miller.

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