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Breast Cancer Screening: How to reduce your chances of missing the diagnosis

Monthly self-breast exams are still my recommendation. The literature and guidelines vary on this issue, but I seek to highlight risks and benefits of self-examination as well as discuss some lifestyle practices that can minimize disease occurrence. In this post you will read about the following topics: What does the evidence say about self-breast exams and what are cancer detection

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Is it hot in here? Or is it just me…… The Menopausal Diaries

Menopause. It basically just sucks. Except for finally being able to stop family planning or wondering if that missed period is a “happy accident” or just from stress, there is not too much that is pleasant about having to go through a physical, emotional, and hormonal (abrupt) change on nature’s clock. One thing I often hear is “I just figured

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The Top 10 Things To Explain That Thing On Your Thing: Lumps and bumps explained

I don’t make a habit of referring to private places as your “thing” but, for the purposes of the title and the unisex applications of this post, it works. Don’t worry, I won’t get graphic. Descriptive yes, but no overly striking images of lesions will be found here. I will leave it to Google Images to show you the absolute

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15 Unconventional Reasons To Have Kids, Or At Least Borrow Someone Else’s

I have a lot a friends of varying ages and career paths. Some have children and some don’t. Some will one day, and some won’t. This post is for those who only see kids as time sucking, money grubbing, competitors for your life goals. They are so much more than that. Here we go… With kids, you can fart whenever

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