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Metopic Synostosis: How a Mother’s Intuition Changed Everything

Metopic Synostosis Baby

As Obstetricians, we deliver a lot of babies. Contrary to what every person who volunteers their labor story has told you, most pregnancies and deliveries are very normal and uneventful. Most people have safe, healthy babies and most moms make it out of this almost 10-year ordeal unscathed. In speaking with a mom of our practice recently, she captured my

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Gynecologic Cancer Symptoms: Is this normal? Or is WebMD right??

It is very common to be fearful that any new or different symptom we experience is cancer. Because female organs tend not to be discussed or highlighted as often, I wanted to review some of the common signs or symptoms that can be associated with gynecologic cancers. This is by no means an inclusive list, and it is always important

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Abdominal Pain Caused By Constipation: Ahh, Push It, Pu-Push It Real Good

If you just started dancing, and singing Salt-n-Pepa in you head, I love you. Already, I digress. Abdominal/Stomach pain: So annoying, so challenging, so Google-able. The truth is that there are many possible causes for abdominal pain that can be caused by every pelvic organ from the bladder, to the uterus, to the ovaries, to the bowels. It is very

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