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“I just don’t want a C-section, Doc.” – The Fear of the Caesarean section

I hear it often in my clinic with the women who are gearing up to have a baby. They just don’t want to have a c-section. For some women, it is a feeling that they have failed to have a natural childbirth. For others it is the distrust of modern physicians, and the feelings that doctors perform unnecessary procedures because

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Speculum Sizes: “One Size Does Not Fit All,” Says Your Friendly Neighborhood Gynecologist

What Is Dr. McDonald Holding With That Glove. A speculum

I feel like Clarke Kent in this opening pic. On our Facebook page I recently shared a post about what percentage of women do not see their gynecologist every year. The startling number out of 1000 women was over 300. For some, the reason is misinformation about how often one should go to the gynecologist. Annual check ups are still

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What Did This Doc Do To Her FEET?

We haven’t featured a Logic-al Choice product in a while. It’s not for lack of retail-love, but more so because I wanted to present something more interesting and fun than the latest lipstick or handbag. How about the latest favorite in foot beauty pedicure products? Intrigued? Summer is coming and those toes will soon be in the open. Don’t think

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