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Endometriosis: making that time of the month even worse

Most, if not all, women will agree that having a monthly cycle is not fun. Cramping, bloating, tampons, pads, making sure you don’t get invited to Diddy’s white party, there’s a lot of think about. For a certain subset of women, however, approximately 10% of reproductive aged women, it’s significantly worse. Endometriosis can be a painful and debilitating condition that

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United We Stand?

Statue of Liberty Air Plane United We Stand

Living in our social media driven, information at our fingertips society, I find it easy to get desensitized to the things, often atrocious, that jump across my cell phone’s surface. Last night though, I got enraged. To recap, a flight was oversold, one of the men who was chosen to deplane didn’t, and subsequently, a dispute involving the Chicago Aviation

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Period Problems and How To Solve Them

Most gynecologists will agree, it’s amazing what women adapt to. They will say something along the lines of, “My periods are 8-10 days long, and I have to buy the overnight pads, doubled up with super plus tampons. I usually feel fatigued and nauseous and have to take some time off of work. But that’s normal, right?” Ladies. Listen carefully.

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The Dirty Things In Life: 5 everyday life changes that can protect you and your household

I’m not a germaphobe. Seriously, I’m not. I gladly allowed my kids to play in the sandbox at the play ground with a little hand sanitizer and hand washing as post-sandbox requirements. Now, of course, as I begin this post trying to prove that I’m not such a helicopter parent that my kids can’t enjoy the simple things that we

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