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Introducing Spiritual-Logic: What if God were one of us?

Are you getting everything you desire from your relationship with God? If not, here are some possible reasons why

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Postpartum Depression: Chrissy Teigen isn’t alone, and neither is Mr. Legend

Depressed woman sitting in a dark room, postpartum

Chrissy, like I know her on a first name basis, was very candid when she opened up to the media about her battle with postpartum depression. She talked about her sadness and anxiety manifesting as physical pain. I too, in retrospect, think I dealt with this syndrome with at least one, if not all of my pregnancies. Mine didn’t display

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Beauty and the Beast: Real life applications

Beauty and the beast, original and recent

If you are in a relationship or not, you can benefit from this short post. The movie is in theaters as of today. I remember watching the original Disney version as a child. Belle was kind of a jerk at first to this misunderstood gentle giant, but ultimately he won her heart and they lived happily ever after. Why, pray

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Let’s Just Split The Bill: Reflections on being a woman today.

It happens often. I’m having a great meal at a nice restaurant with some friends. We all order what we like and have some drinks. The check comes, placed politely face down on the table by the waiter who is likely ending his shift and just wants to close his register out. And inevitably, the person who ordered the rare

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The first trimester: Weeks 0-13

It’s a very exciting time! You are pregnant…. and huddled over the toilet, willing yourself not to revisit your breakfast. The first trimester of pregnancy is tough. The fetus and uterus are only about the size of a plum, but they can cause major drama. Your body is going through some crazy hormonal changes, you are taking what seems like

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