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Your dentist vs your gynecologist: Myths dispelled and terms explained

Who makes you the most uncomfortable? I was sitting in my dentist’s chair, getting my teeth cleaned, and thinking Is dentistry like what I do every day? I mean my workplace is not the mouth, but the necessary evil theme applies. Like in gynecology, if you don’t to see your dentist at regular intervals, you will find yourself with plaque that turns to

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“I went to an Indian wedding…they smeared yellow paste on the bride…” The Health Benefits of Turmeric

tumeric in a glass

One of my favorite traditions in a Hindu wedding is when we get to smear our betrothed family member with this yellow paste “haldi (turmeric)”. During a recent wedding, it was fun and lighthearted, and one of the few times my older male cousins and brother couldn’t retaliate. Now, as a physician I have learned to appreciate Turmeric for the

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STD Fun Facts and Why Testing Is So Important

I have never called someone and told them they had a sexually transmitted disease and heard the response “Oh I know. I figured that I had that.” With the rare exception of someone who’s partner was diagnosed and who presents for testing as a result, most of my ladies do not feel symptoms or have any indication that would lead

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Why Is My Doctor’s Handwriting So Messy? A Day In The Life

This article is inspired by the age old question that I believe any patient waiting in their physician’s waiting room has asked before. “What the heck is taking so long? If I can show up on time, why can’t my doctor?” I hear you. It is very frustrating. You took time off of work, you drove to the doctor, you

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How Do Vaccines Work & Why I Get Shot Every Year By My Doctor

Vaccinations! This article is about vaccinations (I’m from Chicago so getting shot is a sensitive subject). We all get our Flu shots every year in my household. I was infected by the actual Flu virus once in college and I truly thought I was dying. I literally thought it was the end. I was in the ER in New Orleans

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