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Beauty Products that Cause Cancer: Know Which Ingredients To Avoid

See the list of ingredients you should avoid within beauty (and baby) products that are linked to cancer.

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What You Are NOT Going To Do… How To Raise Obedient Children

Parenthood is a gift. I have encountered enough infertility and devastating pregnancy outcomes to know that. I am so blessed and am grateful for my children every day, and I don’t take them for granted. But, I will “serious voice” them in a minute if they loose their minds and forget I’m their mother, even for a moment. My serious

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Lady Bits Exposed: Why Knowing Your Anatomy Matters

Let’s dissect our body (no pun intended), and more specifically our internal female reproductive organs. I always compare most women’s knowledge about their bodies to my knowledge about my car. People say “what kind of car do you drive?” and my response? “It’s a black one…..” Hopefully this will help you understand a bit more when your doctor is explaining

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Who Run the World? Reflections On the Women’s March

Anyone who knows me can vouch for the fact that I am not a political person. I have a healthy cynicism for all things Washington DC (except for this delicious miso glazed cod I had once in a restaurant near Chinatown—but I digress….). I usually identify myself as a person of the world, not just as an American. Perhaps this

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